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The Diven Dolphin

Diven Super Splash Awards

Awarded to students who consistently make the classroom a better place to learn by:
  • Exhibiting a positive and cooperative attitude
  • Using manners
  • Being helpful to others
  • Following the Dolphin Way



  1. Classroom teachers will submit up to 5 Super Splash names to Alvetta per the date(s) printed in the staff bulletin. Each teacher will then be provided with an award certificate to complete with the students name and specific reason(s) for the special recognition. Once completed, the award certificates should be returned to Pam.
  2. Students will be recognized as a Diven Super Splash during Town Meetings with a copy of their award and a button. Parents will be invited to attend. A picture of award winners (by classroom) will be displayed in the main hallway.

    Students may be nominated to receive this award only 1 time each school year. Once a student has been nominated for the award, (s)he remains in the Super Splash Club for the entire school year. Previous award winners will assist in welcoming new members to the Super Splash Club at each Town Meeting.
  3. Diven Splash Awards will be given three (3) times per school year (November, February, and May). Due dates for names will be announced in the staff bulletin.


Diven Super Splash Awards also are presented to parents/guardians and community partners who make the classroom and school a better place to learn by:

  • Attending classroom and school events
  • Volunteering in the classroom/school
  • Signing Wednesday folders/supporting homework
  • Exhibiting a positive and cooperative attitude


Best Fin Forward...

To finish Ahead!
A Diven Celebration of Academic Effort

Awarded to students who:

Work to the best of their ability and receive an effort mark of "E" (Exceptional) on their report card in all 5 of the following academic areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Nominated students will be honored at a grade level assembly followed by a cookie/punch reception hosted by the administrative team and parent partner. Parents will be notified by mail and will be invited to attend. Teachers are invited to attend the reception as schedules allow.

Recognized students will receive a certificate and a personal note from their classroom teacher. Pictures will be taken for display on the hallway bulletin board.


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