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Inclusion Initiative


Elmira City School District is committed to educating all students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment with appropriate services and support. As part of the inclusion initiative that started in the 2016-2017, the district is working with consultant Dr. Julie Causton.

Julie Causton is a Professor in the Inclusive and Special Education Program in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University. She has spent the past 20 years studying best practices for inclusive education and as a former elementary, middle and high school special education teacher herself, she knows firsthand how inclusion leads to better outcomes for students.

She is an educational consultant and works with administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals and families across the country to help them promote and improve inclusive practices. Her dynamic presentations focus on engaging ways to educate all students within the context of general education.

Julie is the author of many books about inclusive education and she has published articles in over thirty educational research and practitioner journals.

Also as part of our inclusion initiative some of the secondary schools have or will be implementing the "I am Norm" program. "I am Norm" is an extracurricular group that aims to promote inclusion by bringing together kids of all different backgrounds. "I am Norm" started in January of 2010 when 20 youths, both with and without disabilities, met up in Washington, D.C. for a weekend. After working together and learning about their differences, the kids designed a campaign to effect change in the way youths are treated and the way they see each other: the "I am Norm" campaign. "I am Norm" is about accepting each other and celebrating our differences.

The inclusion initiative has been presented to the faculty and staff at all district buildings, for that information please see the link to the Inclusion Power point.


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