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Welcome to Ernie Davis Academy's Counseling Corner


School Counselors (click name to send an e-mail):


Traci Hartke: students A-L

Traci Hartke
students A-L

Steven Mastronardi: students M-Z

Steven Mastronardi
students M-Z

Terry Nicklaus: students A-LI

Terry Nicklaus
students A-LI

Eliose Streeter: students LO-Z

Eliose Streeter
students LO-Z


The counselors at Ernie Davis Academy assist students in a variety of ways. We are certified professional educators who work closely with students, teachers, parents and administrators on a daily basis. Our goal is to meet the social/emotional needs of our students through counseling, consulting and coordinating.

  • Counseling is a complex helping process in which the counselor establishes a trusting and confidential relationship and focuses on problem-solving, decision-making and discovering personal meaning related to learning and development.

  • Consulting is a cooperative process in which the counselor-consultant assists others to think through problems and to develop skills that make them more effective in working with students.

  • Coordinating is a leadership process in which the counselor helps organize and manage a school's counseling program and related services.

We look forward to working with parents to ensure the success of our students. Parents play a vital role as partners in the educational process. Please do not hesitate to call the guidance office to address any concerns or questions. The counselors can arrange a parent/teacher conference for our half-days or any day of the school year during teacher's team time.

Thank you for visiting Ernie Davis Academy's Counseling Corner.  We wish you all a successful school year.


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