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How to Sign Up for Sports

Student basketball player

Parents, it is the student-athlete’s responsibility to sign up for a sport, to return a completed health history form and concussion information form, and to provide documentation of a physical to the school nurse. Please hold your son or daughter accountable in this regard - learning to be responsible for his or her participation requirements is an important part of character building and maturation.

This is communicated to our students many times and in many ways over the course of several weeks before each sport season – beginning in early April for fall sports: daily announcements, parent newsletter, recorded phone message to parents, reminders by physical education teachers, posters around the building, district/school website.


Sign up in your school nurse’s office before the season starts

  • The school nurse can tell you what you already have in place, and what you still need to do, to get ready – best to stop in 1-2 months before your tryouts start (in April or May for fall sports).
  • Only the school nurses’ office can clear you to try out for a team – your personal doctor can’t do it, your coach can’t do it, the athletic director’s office can’t do it – go to the nurse.


Athletic Health History form

Click here to download the Physical Examination form. This form is good for one year, plus to the end of the month in which they are done (e.g. physical done on Aug. 1st 2012 is good through Aug. 31st 2013).

  • The school district does not provide physicals for athletes – you must have one done by your own healthcare provider (doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant) and bring the documentation to the school nurse. DO NOT GIVE DOCUMENTATION OF YOUR PHYSICAL TO YOUR COACH, GIVE IT TO THE NURSE.
  • One exception - students who are new entrants to the school district can have their physical done by the school district’s nurse practitioner.


Additional Requirements

Once you have been cleared by the nurse to try out, she will give you a Health History Update form – this form does two things:

  • Occasionally, the school nurse or district nurse practitioner will require you to bring in a note from your own healthcare provider, in addition to the above requirements – this will be only in cases where there is some health issue that needs to be resolved.
  • For example, if you were excused from participation in phys. ed. because of an injury or illness, and the school nurse never received a follow-up noted from your healthcare provider saying you were released to participate when you recovered, you will need to submit a release note.
  • For example, if you have some medical condition that we need more information about (e.g., a heart murmur or seizure disorder), we may ask you to bring in a clearance note from your healthcare provider before we will allow you to try out.

Once you have been cleared by the nurse to try out, she will give you a Health History Update form – this form does two things:

  1. It is your “ticket” to get into practice – it tells your coach you’ve been cleared by the nurse to try out for a team – YOU CANNOT ATTEND PRACTICE WITHOUT IT.
  2. The nurse uses it to tell the coach if you have any health issues he/she needs to know about.

The questions on it update the nurse’s information about your health, particularly if it’s been a while since you had to submit a preparticipation health history form.

THIS FORM COMES AT THE END OF THE APPROVAL PROCESS – if you get one, “you did a good job!”


Information for middle school students who wish to sign up for high school sports

Middle school student athletes who wish to "play up" on high school teams must meet additional requirements in addition to all requirements above. Please contact the Athletic Director's office at 735-3565 for information and assistance.


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