Arcade and Apex Continue!

We are pleased to announce the continuation of both ARCADE and APEX throughout the school closure.

While we can't meet in person, our staff is ready to assist our students virtually with tutoring and special activities. See below for the details of these enrichment opportunities.


ARCADE online tutoring is available to ALL Arcade students, through the Schoology platform. You can access Schoology through the district website, All student has already been added to their grade level tutoring course. This course will be on their Course Dashboard on Schoology. They will have the opportunity to connect with a tutor, get extra help with the assignments they are currently working on, as well as complete skill building activities. Tutoring will be every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00pm - 4:00pm. All students are encouraged to connect during this time, so they can get additional help!

We will also be offering enrichment activities to our ARCADE students through Schoology, as well. Through this enrichment course, your students will be able to do fun activities , connect with other ARCADE students, and participate in discussions and journaling activities. Although this enrichment class is not mandatory, we encourage all of our ARCADE students to participate. There is no set time for the enrichment course and students can access the week's activities whenever they would like to.


Virtual APEX is being offered by Broadway Academy! Tutoring will be available for Reading, Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Technology. If you need help with your essential assignments, please consider logging into Schoology for extra assistance Monday - Friday 3:30-4:30 pm and 4:30-5:30 pm.

Download the APEX schedule here.