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As of April 2021 | An Addendum to The Track Back Re-Opening Plan

When will the revised plan to implemented?
Once the draft plan is approved, implementation is set for students in grades pre-k – 8 on Thursday April 29, 2021.

What is the masking requirement stated within the new guidance issued by NYSDOH on April 9, 2021?
Face coverings are required to be worn by all individuals in all classroom and non-classroom settings, including but not limited to hallways, school offices, restrooms, gyms, auditoriums, etc. All visitors must wear masks. The guidance does allow for students to remove their mask during meals. Acceptable masks include but are not limited to cloth-based masks (e.g., homemade, sewn, quick cut), and surgical masks that cover both the mouth and nose.

What is the new social distancing guideline?
Physical distancing between students will move from six feet to three feet during classroom instruction. Six feet of distance continues to be required when eating meals or snacks, or drinking, or other times masks must be removed. The physical distancing between adults and between adults and students will continue to be fixed at six feet per the guidelines. Physical distancing on buses will be maximized whenever possible. Per guidelines, we encourage parents/guardians to drop off or walk students to and from school to reduce density on buses.

How will mask breaks be administered and how frequently?
Guidance requires that mask breaks be provided throughout the school day. Breaks will be administered throughout the day, during snack and mealtimes, and when students can be properly spaced at a 6’ distance. We anticipate using outdoor space as an additional option when weather permits.

What if my child returns to four-day instruction and then wants to switch to fully remote?
Your educational format choice, determined for the start date of four-day instruction, will be final. This is a commitment through the end of the academic year.
In-person students will be required to attend on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week. As in any other school year, if a student is unable to attend in-person, the parent/guardian is required to provide an excuse. Students cannot choose to be a remote learner at will on in-person days. They are required to attend school. A required quarantine is the only exception to remote learning on an in-person day, providing the student is well enough to learn remotely.

How will my child’s classroom environment change?
Student desks will be placed at a 3’ social distance and as we bring together Cohort A and B, the number of students in each classroom will increase. Your students might already be observing that more desks are being moved into classrooms. Our custodial staff is working hard to construct, distribute, disinfect and situate additional desks for each classroom.

Will my child remain in the same classroom with the same teacher?
As we continue to gather more information regarding instructional model choice from our families, it is possible that your student’s teacher and classroom could change as a result of the District balancing classroom numbers and accommodations to virtual learners.

How has the District improved air filtration and ventilation systems to satisfy the state-issued guidance?
From staff training to new equipment purchases, our school environments have become healthier each day due to the new protocols, systems and cleaning programs set in place by our team.

• Our staff is disinfecting multiple times per day-all touch surfaces in common areas, desks and tables in the evenings and has completed critical training programs to learn the best way to disinfect these surfaces in a safe and healthy way.
• Anti-microbial surface treatments have been applied on student desks and horizontal surfaces in order to fight infectious disease on contact.
• Increased ventilation rates and durations are being monitored daily for improved air quality. Outdoor air exchange has increased which has improved ventilation and air quality.
• Merv 13 filters are now in place in mechanical units that serve multiple spaces.
• Bottle fill stations have been installed at various locations in each of our schools across the District.
• Now that the weather is changing, we can expect to open windows to further infuse learning spaces with fresh air. We look forward to a healthy start of spring with clean and hygienic school environments for all of our students.

Originally Published, July 31, 2020
Last Updated, August 31, 2020

On this page, you will find the answers to common questions related to the 2020 school re-opening plan, The Track Back.  We will continue to update our Track Back page and the FAQ below as we field questions.

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