school meals

Update, as of April 15, 2021 | Addendum to The Track Back School Re-Opening Plan

School breakfast and lunch will remain available at no charge for both in person and remote students.

Meal pick up will continue to take place on Wednesday for remote learners, the meal packs will be adjusted for the number of days students are remote (example: hybrid students will now receive a three day pack vs. a five day pack). Students in full remote instruction will continue to receive seven day meal packs.

Any changes to the in person lunch menus will be posted on our food service website.

Elmira City School District will provide our students with access to school meals each school day. This includes students in attendance at school and students learning remotely.

Health and Safety

• The Elmira City School District will ensure that students adhere to social distance (six feet separation) while consuming
meals in school unless a physical barrier is provided.
• The District plans to limit the number of students in our dining facilities to ensure proper social distancing.
• In addition, students and staff will be required to wear masks while not seated for dining.
• The District will be marking one-way direction pathways for student movements.
• The District will limit the hands-on interaction between food items and utensils. Food items will be individually packaged to provide student choice while promoting appropriate hygiene.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

The Elmira City School District will ensure protocols and procedures for cleaning and disinfection prior to the next group of students arriving for meals, if served in the same common area. The District will schedule additional cleaners and staff to each dinning facility to ensure that areas are disinfected prior to and after usage. Each cafeteria entrance will be equipped with hand sanitizer stations.

Proper Hygiene

The Elmira City School District will ensure protocols and procedures for how students will perform hand hygiene before and after eating, how appropriate hand hygiene will be promoted, and how sharing of food and beverages will be discouraged. The District will install signage in our dining facilities to provide guidance on appropriate hygiene, discouragement of food sharing and promotion of recommended practices.


The District plans to provide all students a breakfast as they enter the building daily. Meals will be consumed in cafeterias and morning locations.


For our elementary students the District plans to provide lunch in our cafeterias for those students attending in-person.

For our secondary students each building will develop a plan with multiple options for lunch dining.

Remote Feeding

In addition, the District will provide meals remotely to families who are attending remotely or not scheduled for in-person instruction. A detailed meal plan will be communicated to all families via our school website and letters sent directly to families. The plan will include locations, menus, family sign-up options, meal schedule, and pick-up windows. Remote feeding pick-up locations will remain at Diven Elementary, Fassett Elementary, Broadway Academy and Elmira High School. Pick-up times on Wednesday will be between 7am-8am and 11:30am-12:30pm.

Cafeteria Expectations

Student    • Students will be expected to follow school guidelines for cafeteria procedures.
• Students will be seated according to a seating plan for students consistent with social distancing guidelines
• All students are expected to wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior to eating.
• Students are encouraged to read and adhere to the expectations and posted directional prompts/signs to ensure for proper social distancing.
Parent    • At this time, due to COVID-19, mealtime visitors will not be permitted in the school cafeterias.
• Parents are encouraged to speak to their children about safety protocols and social distancing.
• Parents are asked to read and be familiar with all school communication regarding health and safety protocols.
• Parents should talk to their students about COVID-19 symptoms and prevention strategies.
Staff    • Signs will be posted on the walls and floor to ensure appropriate social distancing in cafeteria lines.
• A seating plan for students eating in the cafeteria will be followed for social distancing.
• Assigned staff supervises students in cafeteria lines and ensures that students maintain desired social distance.
• A seating plan for students will be followed for social distancing.
• We will monitor students while in the cafeteria to ensure social distancing.