Remote Learning

Providing Every Child Equal Access to Education

ECSD REMOTE LEARNING @ HOME is a remote learning opportunity that will allow students to engage in high quality learning experiences, utilize instructional resources and meaningfully connect with their teachers and other students. All activities will be designed to meet the needs of the student in the online environment through differentiated experiences that are consistent with those of their grade-level peers attending face-to-face.

Teachers will teach remote students from their classrooms or other assigned ECSD facilities.

• In this setting, teachers will also provide instruction, learning resources and support through the use of Schoology and Zoom.

• Parents will support students as a “learning coach” and ensure they have access to a device, a place to work and are engaged in virtual learning activities.

• We will ensure open lines of communication between teachers, students, and parents as we work together to ensure each student is academically and socially-emotionally future ready.

• Teachers will utilize the same curriculum as students who attend face-to-face instruction and will design strategies for learning in the remote environment.

• Grading will be consistent with the guidelines and practices used in all face-to-face instruction.

Remote Synchronous Learning is defined as two-way, real-time, live, instruction between teachers and students, through the computer or other electronic devices.

Students enrolled in ECSD REMOTE LEARNING @ HOME will be assigned a virtual class schedule and must be available for live, synchronous instruction during each school day.

ECSD student expectations for synchronous learning:

• Students attend class on time, per their class schedule.
• Students will follow ECSD dress code.
• Students are ready to engage and learn.
• Students should have a designated, distraction-free workspace to engage in learning.
• Students will show their face on the screen to engage with the teacher virtually.
• Students will participate in the class activities, discussions and assignments.

Remote Asynchronous Learning is a curricular experience where students engage in the learning materials on their own time, interacting intermittently with the teacher via the computer or other electronic devices. In this setting, teachers will provide instruction, learning resources and support through the use of Schoology and Zoom.

ECSD student expectations for asynchronous learning:

• Students will complete asynchronous activities assigned each day.
• Students show proof of participation in daily virtual instruction by satisfactorily completing assignments to
demonstrate evidence of student learning, e.g., video, picture or activities submitted as lessons and/or completing
• Students and parents will communicate with the teacher when needing additional assistance, tutoring, etc.

Tools for Virtual Learning

ECSD is preparing for ECSD REMOTE LEARNING @ HOME and possible school closures due to COVID-19 as follows:

• Learning devices will be provided as need.
• No deposit is required.
• Students and families are expected to follow guidelines for care and use in order to ensure these public resources are effectively maintained.
• Relevant notifications, instructions, procedures, policies and processes are available on the ECSD website and Facebook page. 


While in a remote learning environment, time management is critical to success. Students and teachers must remain in communication regarding daily schedules and assignments. As with any traditional course, there is a risk of receiving a lower grade if a student falls behind. If students are struggling with time management, then the parent or student should contact the teacher for additional assistance.


The Elmira City School District has a mechanism to collect and report daily teacher/student engagement or attendance while in a remote or hybrid schedule. The District will utilize online and in-person attendance systems to ensure all student engagement is collected and reported in accordance with NYSED criteria. Systems will include Schoology and School Tool for collecting and recording data and School Messenger for notifications.

Regardless of learning environment, the Elmira City School District is committed to ensuring that students have an equitable experience and access to high quality instruction.

Elmira City School District will utilize the strategies and best practices in the classroom and using technology associated with blended learning to design learning activities for all students. 

Learning experiences are designed to meet the needs and environment of the learner where they are.

• Students, regardless of learning environment, will engage in daily high quality learning experiences aligned to Elmira City School District curriculum and NYS Next Generation Standards.

• Students who begin the year in face-to-face learning at school may move into remote learning for a period of time if needed for school closure due to student/staff illness or county or state regulations.

• Both the remote and face-to-face experience will utilize Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Schoology, providing similar expectations, instruction and coursework and following the same grading guidelines.