Families and Students

Enrichment Materials for Extended Closure

Dear Families,
We have prepared the supplementary materials and resources below to provide enrichment activities to engage your students during the extended closure.  Click the links below for your student's grade level to view a wakelet with links to documents, online apps, and activities to help your child continue to learn (no login is required for the wakelet).

If you have difficulty logging in with your username and password for the resources labeled LOGIN REQUIRED, please email us at techhelp@elmiracityschools.com and we will get back to you with login information, typically within one business day.  Please provide us with the application, your student's name, and teacher name so we can look it up.  To protect your student's information, the response may come in an encrypted message.

Please check back - we are adding new resources everyday!

Primary Materials and Resources
Primary Supplementary Materials and Resources for
Diven, Fassett, Pine City, and Riverside students
 Intermediate Materials and Resources Intermediate Supplementary Materials and Resources for
Beecher, Broadway, Coburn, and Hendy students
 Broadway Academy Materials and Resources Broadway Academy Supplementary Materials and Resources for
7th grade students
Ernie Davis Materials and Resources
Ernie Davis Academy Supplementary Materials and Resources for
8th and 9th grade students
 Elmira High School Materials and Resources Elmira High School Supplementary Materials and Resources for
10th, 11th, and 12th grade students
  Special Education Materials and Resources
 Children's Book Reads CHECK IT OUT!
The Express YouTube Channel: Featuring Children's Book Reads with District teachers and administrators and lessons and messages from teachers 


Internet Connectivity Resources

The following resources are available for students and families who do not have sufficient access to the Internet:

  • For all secondary students, the Elmira High School student Bring Your Own Device network has been turned on at every school in the district.  You can access the district network from your own device on any school property using your network username and password.
  • Charter Spectrum is offering free access to their wi-fi network for K-12 and college students through May 15th.  See the map at https://www.spectrum.com/wifi-hotspots.html to find a Spectrum hot-spot that your student could use.**

*students can access the wireless from the parking lot inside a vehicle or on a bench near the front door.  Students cannot gather in large groups.

**students are not encouraged to congregate at these locations in groups and should follow the request of a property owner who asks them to leave at any time.

Parent Portal Login

Welcome Families! Are you registered for our Parent Portal? Parent Portal provides you important information on your student's academic schedule, grades, attendance and more. 

Click here for instructions to register for Parent Portal.

Family and Community Outreach Coordinator

Each school in the district has a Family and Community Outreach Coordinator. Coordinators serve as liaisons between their school and parents. They can provide helpful information, suggestions and resources to families. See your school's page for the name and email address for the Family and Community Outreach Coordinator. 

NWEA Assessments
NWEA Parent Tool Kit

Common Core State Standards
Parent and Family Resources on Engage NY

Parents' Backpack Guide to the Common Core

Parents' Bill of Rights

National PTA Parents' Guides to Student Success

Common Core Math Tips for Parents

Achieve the Core Resources for Parents

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